• JustLikeHoney
    Friday, September 13, 2002 (New York)
    "Springsteen was too jacked up and Zappa was out of town so Johnny Philko can't be far behind."
  • DrugWar
    "These guys (and gal) look and sound about as American as one can be, but where's their apathy? Their blind trust in the US government? Well, you'll just have to click on the link and find out. These guys play rock and roll with a message way above and beyond "buy this, wear that, stop thinking." Johnny Philko expects more from its listeners. Find music, and a hell of a lot more here."
  • AllMusic
    "Uncompromising, Confrontational, Fiery, Rousing, Rebellious"
  • All Music Guide
    ""What About Me? (Mr. President)" is a solid and serious tune with some emotional heft and gently melodic guitars that recall Jefferson Airplane and a late-'60s sense of questioning authority."
  • Amazon Fan
    "I was caught off guard by this new sound I heard. It was totally unexpected, but you can bet it's a voice I'll never forget. Johnny Philko's vocalist is like nothing I've ever heard."
  • Patriot News
    "Johnny Philko is a rock band specializing in music with a message. Their music is politically aware and socially responsible. Their songs speak to a variety of social and political issues, couched in the music of the common man, rock and roll, expressed in a variety of styles from acoustic to flat out real stuff rock.

    Johnny Philko is Mike and Kris Kinkead, Jack Davis and John Hughes, all veteran musicians, vocalists and songwriters whose "dues" are reflected in their music. They have a wide following in the Cleveland area and beyond."

  • Norman Famous
    "Johnny Philko (a band, not a guy) use their new release "Songs To Swear By" to express concern about the state of our union. Songs like "Ruby Ridge", "Waco" and "What About Me? (Mr. President)" are plain- spoken protests about social injustice in the "land of the free". But these guys aren't hippie protesters. In songs like "The Harbinger " and the artful closer "One Stormy Night" they sound more like concerned patriots. The sound is late-sixties bar band (think Grand Funk without the bombast) and the vocals are rough-'n'-ready."


  • Space Junkies

Waco - "Nice beginning to this song. I dig the vocals a lot. Especially with the backing vocals. Kinda bluesy. Again good guitar. Killer drum breakdowns also. I dig this one. Good flow, good energy, good song. And its about the Whackos at Waco, how can you go wrong!"

One Stormy Night - "Cool bass intro - nice mellow feel to it. I really dig the guitar work in this one. The guitar sets the mood for the rest of the song." "Not bad, I could definitely smoke a fatty and chill to this one. Definitely lyrically appealing."
Ruby Ridge - "A good mellow intro. The vocals sorta remind me of that weird guy in Crash Test Dummies." "Toe tapping beat and the drum when he says "gun shots" was a good touch. Another up and down type of song."
  • ReVamp Music
    Down home rock and roll, and a sound and lyric that will remind you of a different time. Some refer to them as baby boomers, but frankly this foursome hands us a well thought out political album in an attempt to express their feelings, and the feelings of many others who are not for the war, or Bush, for that matter.

  Johnny Philko Live
  • You can go to the bands website and find descriptions of each song, where they come from and much more researched links that will educate any new fan about the political views and feelings behind this band. I have to look past the MP3 quality, listen to the music and lyrics and I found a new appreciation. Even though some will listen to this and by the style be reminded of the war protest songs of the Vietnam era, but this time we have plenty of our own issues to protest against, and Johnny Philko has brought those issues out in song.

  • The members of this band, obviously close friends, are driving for the same goal. If you are unsure what that is, visit their website and find out. While you are at it, buy the CD at one of the many locations available and really experience the old-time rock and roll with a deliberate edge and desire to do what they are doing. Oh, and while you are visiting their site, check out their music videos. You thought just hearing the music makes an impact? Wait till you see this stuff!



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