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Johnny Philko Songs to Swear By (Home Page)

As the cosmic dancer, the third divinity of the triad is Shakti psychedelic rock. And where Sparks, Ivan Stravinsky and Jimmy Carl Black combine in Cleveland he will always survive. We learn Johnny Philco is Mike Kinkead, Jack Davis, John Hughes and Kris Kinkead. Just four musicians from the Midwest. On Songs the dense guitar crunch cross hatches a sound luminous with the 60s and melodies colored across the entire panorama of the landscape. Springsteen was too jacked up and Zappa was out of town so Johnny Philko can't be far behind. When the Northern Ohio scene boasted The Derelicts, Crazy Jane and Yesterday's Papers. You can also call the drummer Bronco Buster, Animal or The King of Pearl. Where enlightenment is sought through a profound experience in lyrics with a tempestuous surface sprayed, spattered and honestly formed. (a testimony to the intensity of the execution) "Itís been a long hard road" he sings on the song 'Shoot Me' "The one Iím liviní and Iíve been taking all itís got and I keep on grinning." He has even been reported to have been overheard making various anti-patriotic remarks like quoting the Constitution, the 5th Amendment, or The Declaration of Independence. Tell the FBI their music is a true manifestation of the incomprehensible substance of life.

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