The economy is in shambles, one in twelve homes in Ohio are in foreclosure or behind on their payments, manufacturing jobs have been and still are going out of the country. Listed below are a few links to sites about repealing NAFTA.

Repeal NAFTA
Dennis Kucinich

"More than ˝ the homeless families in Iowa are headed by someone who is employed. Congress will not pass an increase in the $5.15 minimum wage even though the inflation adjusted minimum wage is 21% lower today than in 1979. "

"The restoration of the rights of workers in America and throughout the North American continent will begin when we repeal NAFTA. NAFTA has spurred a $360 billion trade deficit, costing 363,000 high paying jobs, most in manufacturing."

"Today, as we meet in Iowa, riveted upon uplifting the conditions of workers, on a day when IBM will cut another 15,000 jobs, and Ames Department Stores will close, throwing 22,000 out of work, and American Airlines announces they will cut 7,000 jobs, some of our nation's leaders are distracted by a desire to control oil markets and a lust for war."

Steelworker's Anti-Nafta Lawsuit:
Reasons to REPEAL the NAFTA:

"It is no secret that Congress and the Senate did not seek the best interest of working families in passing the North American Free Trade Agreement.  There was nothing free about this treaty but it was the greatest theft of  jobs in American history.  What has your U. S. Senator been doing to repeal this legislation?"  
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More Job Layoffs Announced

This week: 03-27-2003

Sears - 300-400 jobs at corporate headquarters, mostly in IT and buying

Mercury Marine (WI) - 190 jobs in Fond du Lac outboard manufacturing plant

San Francisco Opera - 6 layoffs

British Airways - 3,000 job cuts announcement expected this week

Finnair - Talks begin to reduce workforce by 1,200

Tui (Germany) - 100 job cuts at Hanover office (Europe's largest tour operator)

Best Buy - 60 jobs in Canada

Photronics Inc. - 10-12% job reduction by closing Arizona plant (maker of glass plates used in semiconductor production)


Last week:

Continental Airlines - 1,200 jobs by year's end

Northwest Airlines - 4,900 jobs

United Air - 1,100 mechanics in Indianapolis, IN

Air Canada - 3,600

Textron - 1,200 Cessna workers in Wichita, KS

San Francisco Chronicle - Perhaps 500 employees

Applied Materials - 2,000 jobs, including plant closures in California and Texas

Boeing - 400 jobs by 2004, through outsourcing

Wyeth - 80 jobs

Solectron - 12,000 jobs

Kingston, NY School District - Up to 65 employees

Valley Fresh (Turlock, CA) - More than 100 employees

Alliance Atlantis Film Productions, Inc. - 33 employees, including in Los Angeles

Eaton Corp. (MI) - 50 jobs

Sony Ericcson (NC) - 100 jobs


New Bankruptcies:

This Week

Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia SA

Wall Street Strategies Corp., and wholly-owned subsidiary Wall Street Strategies, Inc.

Last Week

Hawaiian Air

Fullplay Media Systems

SonicBlue, Inc.

Avianca, Inc. and Avianca (Colombian airline)

PCD, Inc. and its subsidiary Wells-CTI, Inc. (electronic connector manufacturer)


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