Exit From Babylon

1. Big Brother is Watching You
2. Secrets
3. Isn't it a Pity
4. It's Time for a Change
5. In Spite of You
6. Painted Window
7. Jessica
8. Sweet Mother Earth
9. If I had a Rocket Launcher
10. Peace Prayer
11. On My Way to Houston

Exit From Babylon



Copyright Johnny Philko 2008


See the sadness in her eyes

Sheís built a wall up-from her lies

She keeps them bottled up, up inside

And tells herself

She will survive




Keeps a secret deep inside

But these bruises she canít hide

She wants to fly on angle wings

Wonders if her soul will ever, ever come clean


The bruises tell the story

The fear and hate inside of her grows

She has to break free from his hold

Wants a little peace to call her own


Tears of rage stream down her face

The pain will fade, but the memory

She canít erase

The time has come to leave this place

The pills she takes leave a bitter, bitter taste


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