Peace Prayer

Exit From Babylon

1. Big Brother is Watching You
2. Secrets
3. Isn't it a Pity
4. It's Time for a Change
5. In Spite of You
6. Painted Window
7. Jessica
8. Sweet Mother Earth
9. If I had a Rocket Launcher
10. Peace Prayer
11. On My Way to Houston

Exit From Babylon


Peace Prayer

Copyright Johnny Philko 2008  

Peace Prayer


With war torn faces

And shattered graces

My mind races, to end it all


For the mothers whose children were buried

The same ones that they carried

Oh not so long ago


For the Father’s who watched

Their sons become men

Only to see their young lives end


For all of the children

That were left behind

A sign of the violence of our time


This is my prayer, for those alive and dead

To always remember,

Everyone’s blood is red

It all spills the same

It all causes pain

I pray for peace, so we might live again

I pray for peace

I pray for peace


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