1. Waco
2. I Can't Fight This Feeling
3. Shoot Me
4. Stray Dog Stagger
5. Ruby Ridge
6. What About Me?
7. Victim of Society
8. The Harbinger
9. Hindsight's 20/20
10. One Stormy Night

What About Me? (Mr. President)

Copyright Kinkead 2002
What About Me? Mr. President
All of my money
I done spent
I prayed to the Lord
But nothinís been sent

Canít you see
Iím down at your feet
About like a dog
Begginí for a scrap of meat

Iím counting on you
To carry me through


What about them Lord
They canít pay their rent
Maybe they should all go out
And live in a tent

The answerís unkind
It could blow your mind
What About Me? Mr. President


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