1. Waco
2. I Can't Fight This Feeling
3. Shoot Me
4. Stray Dog Stagger
5. Ruby Ridge
6. What About Me?
7. Victim of Society
8. The Harbinger
9. Hindsight's 20/20
10. One Stormy Night

This song was written from three different perspectives. The first verse was written from our interpretation of the view point of a Branch Davidian. The second verse was written from our interpretation of the view point of an individual government agent at the scene. The third verse is written from our viewpoint as a writer, band and as a general American citizen.......


Copyright Kinkead 2000

It's a messed up situation
The Feds are knocking at my door
We had an little altercation,
now thereís dead bodies on the floor

I never thought it would end this way,
but before they take us down,
Iíll burn this place right to the ground.

Well itís another ugly morning
I got my orders on the phone
Itís just I job I have to do and
you know Iíd rather be at home

I never thought it would end this way,
Before they go underground
We'll burn this place right to the ground.

I never claimed to be a wise man
But I do know right from wrong
I canít believe this confrontation
could go on for so long

I think I lost a little part of my soul that day
and I put my head down
(as they) burned the place right to the ground

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Below are links to a wide variety of sites with information to help you make your own decisions, as to what happened at Waco.

Branch Davidians

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Waco FAQ

Picture This!
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The Waco Massacre

Why Waco

No More Wacos

Firearms and Liberty


Died February 28, 1993

Winston Blake, 28, black, British
Peter Gent, 24, white, Australian
Peter Hipsman, 28, white, American
Perry Jones, 64, white, American
Michael Schroeder, 29, white, American
Jaydean Wendell, 34, Hawaiian, American

Died April 19, 1993

Katherine Andrade, 24, white, American
Chanel Andrade, 1, white, American
Jennifer Andrade, 19, white, American
George Bennett, 35, black, British
Susan Benta, 31, black, British
Mary Jean Borst, 49, white, American
Pablo Cohen, 38, white, Israeli
Abedowalo Davies, 30, black, British
Shari Doyle, 18, white, American
Beverly Elliot, 30, black, British
Yvette Fagan, 32, black, British
Doris Fagan, 51, black, British
Lisa Marie Farris, 24, white, American
Raymond Friesen, 76, white, Canadian
Sandra Hardial, 27, black, British
Zilla Henry, 55, black, British
Vanessa Henry, 19, black, British
Phillip Henry, 22, black, British
Paulina Henry, 24, black, British
Stephen Henry, 26, black, British
Diana Henry, 28, black, British
Novellette Hipsman, 36, black, Canadian
Floyd Houtman, 61, black, American
Sherri Jewell, 43, Asian, American
David M. Jones, 38, white, American
David Koresh, 33, white, American
Rachel Koresh, 24, white, American
Cyrus Koresh, 8, white, American
Star Koresh, 6, white, American
Bobbie Lane Koresh, 2, white, American
Jeffery Little, 32, white, American
Nicole Gent Little, 24, white, Australian
and unborn child
Dayland Gent, 3, white, American
Page Gent, 1, white, American
Livingston Malcolm, 26, black, British
Diane Martin, 41, black, British
Wayne Martin, Sr., 42, black, American
Lisa Martin, 13, black, American
Sheila Martin, Jr., 15, black, American
Anita Martin, 18, black, American
Wayne Martin, Jr., 20, black, American
Julliete Martinez, 30, Mexican American
Crystal Martinez, 3, Mexican American
Isaiah Martinez, 4, Mexican American
Joseph Martinez, 8, Mexican American
Abigail Martinez, 11, Mexican American
Audrey Martinez, 13, Mexican American
John-Mark McBean, 27, black, British
Bernadette Monbelly, 31, black, British
Rosemary Morrison, 29, black, British
Melissa Morrison, 6, black, British
Sonia Murray, 29, black, American
Theresa Nobrega, 48, black, British
James Riddle, 32, white, American
Rebecca Saipaia, 24, Asian, Phillipino
Steve Schneider, 43, white, American
Judy Schneider, 41, white, American
Mayanah Schneider, 2, white, American
Clifford Sellors, 33, white, British
Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35, Asian, American
Floracita Sonobe, 34, Asian, Phillipino
Gregory Summers, 28, white, American
Aisha Gyrfas Summers, 17, white, Australian
and unborn child
Startle Summers, 1, white, American
Lorraine Sylvia, 40, white, American
Rachel Sylvia, 12, white, American
Hollywood Sylvia, 1, white, American
Michelle Jones Thibodeau, 18, white, American
Serenity Jones, 4, white, American
Chica Jones, 2, white, American
Little One Jones, 2, white, American
Neal Vaega, 38, Somoan, New Zealander
Margarida Vaega, 47, Asian, New Zealander
Mark H. Wendell, 40, Asian, American

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